Refreshes at the start of the month.

Updated 24 Nov 2022


The DUMC Library is a place and time to unplug from the digital world to soak in a book unhurried.

Even so, there are many helpful materials that can accompany the Christian outside of these hours.

The DUMC e-Library is perfect for when you are on the go for shorter reads or if you’d like to put something on to listen or watch.

Find carefully curated chapter previews, audio books, e-books, and recommendations on podcasts and channels that may just change your life.

Podcasts on Spotify

Podcasts and music that turned our hearts towards God. Includes Buatan Malaysia.

Short Articles

Things that Accompany Salvation | Conversatio Divina

How Significant Books Become Good Friends

How to Do Spiritual Reading

Faithful Orthodoxy Requires Reading Widely

Chapter Previews

Looking for a short read? Read just a chapter from these books.